Spring blossom mattress


Product Type: Mattress

Vendor: Levines



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  • Pocket sprung mattresses offer more support than open coiled ones . The individual springs that make up the mattress are housed in their own little pockets and work independently of each other. to offer a better support. Spring counts can vary dramatically from 600 to 5,000. Typically, the higher the spring count, the better the support, but this also depends on the filling of the mattress also
  • The spring blossom mattress is a pocket spring mattress topped with luxury memory foam to mould to your natural sleeping position
  • The mattress is  featuring a super soft touch knitted fabric containing visco-elastic memory foam and a sumptuous feel 1000 count pocket spring unit (Based on 5' size) for body conforming support.
  • Because the springs move independently they offer more support for your body as pocket-sprung mattresses reduce that ‘roll-together’ feeling.
  • The mattress has air vents to allow air flow to prevent moisture retention
  • Support rating: medium
  • Suitable for both divan beds and slatted bases
  • This is a  non turn  mattress , rotate only
  • This bed is a top quality British made 


This product requires some minimal home assembly 

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