Melbourne plasma tv unit


Product Type: Plasma tv unit

Vendor: Levines

SKU: mi2704


Natural oak tops with painted base, this range of furniture compliments any dining area

The combination of colours works perfect to give you a new feel and a wonderful design.

This range comes in a variation of colours, white grey, truffle or ivory

Depending on the colour you chose the handle on the product will be different, please have a look at the pictures on the side to see the handle

  • Open shelf in the middle to hold your Tv box and Dvd units
  • 2 doors on the side of the tv unit compliment the plasma tv and gives you the space you need to keep your favourite movies
  • 2 Holes at the back of the unit for easy access to cables
  • Matching furniture available 


 Make sure you measure the space before ordering . 

This is a product that once ordered it take 14-21 days to be delivered. Once the product is ready we will get in contact to confirm a suitable delivery date

The furniture comes fully assembled so there is no need to worry about setting it up.

Just unpack the furniture and place it in your favourite spot

Our delivery times vary depending if the items are bespoke or already made. Make sure you check the Features of the product where you will find estimate delivery times.

Depending on the furniture ordered some products come flat pack or ready assembled. We will always write on the product description if the items are ready assembled or flat pack so please make sure you check the sizes before ordering any products from our website.

We will not accept any liability or any returns if the items do not fit.

We will endeavour to fulfil all of the orders as soon as possible and we will keep you updated through out the whole process. Once the items are available we will be in contact to arrange delivery.